Carolina Radiology’s History

Carolina Radiology was founded in 1978, and over time, has become one of the largest groups in South Carolina. Our growth was fueled by the vision and drive of our founders to not only reach for higher standards, but to set new ones.

This vision has been—and continues to be—fulfilled by tirelessly striving to stay current with the technologies, techniques, and expertise that advance diagnostic and interventional medicine to new levels for patients and the medical community. By building our culture and growth strategies around this vision, we have created a professional environment that attracts the right talent to keep us at the forefront of clinical practice in a rapidly-changing healthcare environment.

Our physicians are from all over the country, and possess a diverse array of fellowship training from programs such as the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, University of Virginia and Duke. Carolina Radiology services inpatient hospitals, outpatient facilities and private physician offices in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.