Breast Ultrasound

Applying the ultrasound expertise of Carolina Radiology’s physician team to breast screening and diagnosis

Our radiologists interpret breast ultrasound studies used for screening and diagnostic purposes, including:

  • Routine annual screenings to supplement the annual mammogram for women with dense breast tissue or increased risk factors for breast cancer
  • Diagnostic breast exams as follow-up studies after a suspicious mammogram
  • Evaluation of breast lumps or other abnormalities discovered in a physical examination of the breast

In some very specific scenarios, breast ultrasound may also be recommended as a screening or diagnostic exam in lieu of a mammogram or breast MRI. For example, if a breast lump is found at a time when the patient should not be exposed to radiation, such as during pregnancy, a doctor may recommend a breast ultrasound exam. For patients who cannot undergo MRI exams, breast ultrasound may also be used in lieu of breast MRI as an adjunct screening to a mammogram or as a diagnostic follow-up to a suspicious mammogram.